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Immersive Language Learning and Articulatory Phonetics is a foundational course with special focus on Articulatory Phonetics and ear training, Language Learning Methods, and Language Endangerment. This course caters to learners with a passion for language acquisition and research within the Northeast Indian linguistic landscape. It will offer intensive training in articulatory phonetics, tone, morphology, basic analysis of language structure and language learning methodology. In addition to these, participants will also gain an understanding of linguistic diversity, cultural heritage, and language preservation efforts in Northeast India. They will be equipped with foundational knowledge and practical skills to engage in research, documentation, and language revitalization initiatives in the region. Join us for an enriching educational journey!

Prospective participants are requested to carefully review the course details and specific prerequisites before submitting their applications. Course instructors will conduct a selection process through online interviews of shortlisted candidates. Upon completion of the interview, selected participants will receive notifications regarding their acceptance through email.

  • Recognition and production of sounds of any human language
  • The art of consistent phonetic and phonemic transcription
  • Skills in phonemic analysis
  • Foundational skills in learning a new, unwritten language without the help of textbooks and written grammar.
  • Processes underlying the language endangerment in NEI.
  • How to make sense of what you hear in an unfamiliar language: analyzing structures of words, phrases, and sentences (basic field morphology and syntax).

This course is for you if:

  • You are passionate about learning North East Indian languages.
  • You are a linguist who wishes to obtain thorough ear-training in phonetics and wants to develop your ability to recognize and analyze tones.
  • You want to enhance your skills in hearing, recognizing, reproducing, and writing sounds in any language.
  • You care about language endangerment in North East India and want to understand the processes leading to language loss.
  • You want to learn basic techniques of linguistics fieldwork and ethical data collection.
  • Course dates: 08 – 27 July 2024.
  • Duration of Course: 20 days.
  • Intake Capacity: 10.
  • Application Deadline: 15 June 2024.
  • Announcement of selected candidates: 20 June 2024.
  • Eligibility: UG/PG/PhD.
  • Mode: in-person.
  • Medium of Instruction: English.
  • Examination: Theory and Practical, with a certificate upon successful completion.
  • Attendance: Participants are required to attend all classes and practical sessions to successfully complete the course.

Module 1: Articulatory Phonetics and Ear training.

This is a foundational course designed to provide learners with a thorough understanding of the mechanisms involved in speech production. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge, intensive ear training and practical exercises, participants will explore the mechanisms of speech production, including the articulation of consonants and vowels.

Module Content

  • Mechanisms of speech production.
  • Theoretical grounding in articulatory phonetics.
  • Practicals: Intensive training in recognition, transcription, and reproduction of sounds of the IPA.

Module 2: Tone

In this module, we explore how tone is produced and perceived in different languages, covering its theoretical foundations and practical applications, and learn how to analyze and interpret tone in spoken and written language.

Module Content

  • Tonal and non-tonal languages.
  • Basic concept of tone.
  • Intensive training in tone recognition and production.

Module 3: Language Learning Methodology

This module is aimed at those who want to learn unwritten languages. It familiarizes learners with language learning methods in natural and immersive communicative settings. The learners will have an opportunity to learn these methods by acquiring the rudiments of a real language during the course. Additionally, the students will learn effective ways to use audio recordings in language learning, emphasizing active listening, speaking practice, vocabulary acquisition, and review techniques.

Module Content

  • Learning a new language as an adults
  • Language learning through cultural immersion
  • Acquiring vocabulary and sentence structure: What to look for and how to obtain it.
  • Practicals: Students will apply the methods taught and learn the rudiments of an unfamiliar language with the help of a language consultant.

Module 4: The languages of Northeast India.

The course deals specifically with the linguistic overview, features, and typology specific to the languages of North East India. The module begins by presenting the landscape of North East India, and goes to introduce important linguistic terminologies and concepts, which are used alongside to analyze the languages of the region.

 Module Content

  • Introduction to the language families of India and Northeast India, Landscape.
  • The lesser known or endangered languages of Northeast India
  • Language, dialect, pidgin, creole, language change and variation.
  • Components of a language: phonology, morphology, syntax.
  • Phonology of the languages of Northeast India.
  • Morphology of the languages of Northeast India.
  • Sentence structure (syntax) of Northeastern languages.
  • The need for language documentation, description, and revitalization.

Course Instructors

Dr. Vijay D’Souza, Dr. Prarthana Acharyya, Dr. Susie Kanshouwa, and Dr. Raguibou Daimai.

The course is offered at a highly subsidized fee, as listed below:

  • Students
    • Without accommodation, course fee only: Rs. 2000
    • With accommodation, incl. course fee: Rs. 8000 (Rs. 400/- per day)
    • With accommodation + scholarship, incl. course fee: Rs. 5000 (Rs. 250/- per day)
  • Others
    • Without accommodation, course fee only: Rs. 3000
    • With accommodation, incl. course fee: Rs. 10000 (Rs. 500/- per day)

All of the above are non-refundable.

    NEILAC is pleased to announce a scholarship opportunity for four selected participants, who will only need to pay Rs. 5000 (inclusive of food and accommodation) instead of the regular course fee.

    Eligibility for scholarship (Students and PhD scholars only)

    • Outstation students (from outside Guwahati) of any recognized educational institution.
    • You are working with a North Eastern linguistic community.

    Please note: Submitting an application does not guarantee a scholarship. If your application is successful, you will be informed via email.

    Laptop, smartphone, headphones/earphones, and other regular stationery.